Our observations: Soon after the SRC course, a lot of information is quickly forgotten again.

There is a risk of going to sea without having the necessary experience with the VHF set, but hoping that everything will be fine, again.

PB-MarineTraining offers 1-day SRC Refresher courses, but without exams.
There you have the opportunity to refresh all the knowledge gained from your SRC course

  • An ideal preparation for your next sailing trip
  • Plenty of practical experience using proper VHF Radio sets.
  • You can practice typical maritime scenarios using "Procedure-words" just like the professionals.
  • The basic idea to this offer: You go on your next sailing trip, knowing that you are able to use the VHF set with confidence. This is important, because once at sea you will be part of the maritime VHF community, where you will not have time to practice anymore.

    The subjects: Channels, distress, urgency, safety and routine are briefly explained using video projector. Subjects such as "Regulations & Requirements" will only be discussed on request.

    The following typical scenarios are practiced and subsequently discussed:

  • A crew member is injured. You need medical assisstance.
  • You receive a distress message. How do you respond?
  • You ask a marina for a berth.
  • Using VHF in fog.
  • Sending a distress alert and message.
  • You ask for the weather forecast.
  • Using the phonetic alphabet and typical "Procedure words".
  • You have engine failure in a traffic separation zone.
  • You observe a floating container.
  • Sending a Mayday-Relay.
  • Etc., etc., etc.