I hereby apply for the 1-day Radar course:

Gisikon, Schweiz
09 May 2020
09:00 - 17:00
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Please pay the amount of CHF 270.- onto the account No. 0320 6280 2001, BLZ 78117, IBAN CH57 0078 1032 0628 0200 1, SWIFT/BIC-Code KBSGCH22, to the St.Galler Kantonalbank, 9401 Rorschach, Switzerland. Details of the account-holder can be found under: “Impressum”. Seats will be allocated according to payment entries. You will receive an email confirmation upon reception of payment, which will include information on the venue, parking details, etc. Further details:

  • The course will be conducted with a maximum of six persons
  • One course book is included in the payment
  • Please bring with you: writing block and Plotting tools (Breton plotter or equivalent, incl. a pair of compasses
    with pencil).

You will receive an automatic confirmation when sending off your application form.

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Please transfer 270 CHF