Radio messages

On this page you have the opportunity to listen to typical radio messages and words commonly used in marine radio communication. It can be used as preparation for the VHF SRC course and exam.

Every message also has a reference to the relevant page in our SRC course note book.
The following topics can be heard:

    1)The International Phonetic Alphabet
    2)Two Skippers exchange their ETA´s.
    3)A Skipper calls a Marina.
    4)A Radio check between two Skippers
    5)A Safety message
    6)An Urgency message
    7)A Distress message
    8)Typical medical words and terms
    9)General nautical words

P.S. You may need the Quick Time Player program.





    4) A Radio Check between two Skippers

    A Radio Check should be done at regular intervals, but definately before a longer trip. This gives the assurance, that the equipment is working. It is best to do a Radio check with another skipper, or with a marina if they are not busy. A Coast Guard should be avoided. This Text can be found in our SRC course book, on page 59.